Angela lives her life in daily ceremony.

The sacred container she creates is an intimate expression of her pure heart. All aspects of ceremony are authentic aspects of Angela’s personal spiritual practice. You can expect to be held in a safe, protected container that radiates with compassion, gentleness, peace, laughter, and divine love. Angela’s intention with all ceremony whether it is her own private experience or sitting in a sacred circle with others is that the benefits of the ceremony bless all beings present and become a gift for the world.



Angela began working with Sacred Cacao in a ceremonial way in 2014, after experiencing her first Cacao Ceremony with her teacher, Paola I’x of Kakawsana. Paola and her partner Gustavo have been integral teachers for Angela on her path with Cacao, and after spending time in Mexico with them going deep with the medicine, and having developed a personal relationship with Cacao Spirit

Locally, Angela offers Cacao Ceremony for her Joshua Tree community twice a month, honoring the lunar cycles of the Full and New Moons. Please send your email to Angela if you’d like to be on the mailing list for these local ceremonies, or if you’d like to inquire about hosting a private ceremony in your space.



Angela offers sacred ceremony to honor these important passage in life: The birth of a child, the sacred union of two people in love, and the parting of two partners as they continue on their paths separately.

Angela offers Baby Blessings, Marriage Blessings, and is ordained to join two people together in legal marriage.

Please connect with Angela for inquiries and rates.


If you have a vision for a ceremony to honor something special in your life, Angela is naturally attuned to creating sacred space that will call forth the divine support needed for your vision. This may be honoring a special time of transition in your life, setting a significant intention, or birthing a new project into the world.